Thank you for taking the time to consider Capital Markets People as your hiring partner. We firmly believe that a good partnership can only be built on long-term business relationships. Therefore your recruitment partner must understand exactly what working for your company requires so that they can provide you with excellent service. Capital Markets People knows the world of financial markets inside out.


The management team at Capital Markets People have over 55 years' combined experience in the financial markets, are well-connected and well-respected. We believe our service is unique in the world of agency recruitment, and here's why:

We never forget that you are the client, not our candidates

We work with you and the relevant business stakeholders to develop a highly targeted candidate profile

All our candidates are sourced through personal recommendation

We formally interview candidates to look beyond the CV/resume to ascertain their fit to your specific requirements

We require our short-listed candidates to undertake an independent, specific psychometric test*

Only then do we decide who to put forward for your consideration, and then no more than 6 fully-vetted candidates


And here's what do will not do:


We will not simply canvass the market for CVs

We will not just forward CVs

We will not pad our candidate list. Ever.

We will not skip any part of our screening process. Ever.


To discuss your hiring requirements and how we may assist you in that process, please email Philip Winstone on



*Exclusive Briefs Only for timing reasons


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